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TI3 East Qualifier Results
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 30/05/2013 - 05:50 earned back their The International 3 slot at the main event with a 3:0 victory. Due to their roster change, their direct invitation was revoked and they were invited to compete in the East Qualifier. The TI2 third place winner will now have a chance for a slice of the USD 2.2M+ prize pool. Check out the Beyond The Summit Official microsite for details.

RattleSnake will face DD.Dota for the Wildcard slot, final slot at the TI3 main event.

ADreamz, First Departure,, Rattlesnake
BMineski, MiTH.Trust, Rising Stars, Vici Gaming
  1. Group Stage
    There were two groups of four teams each playing in a BO3 double elimination format with the top two teams advancing to the PlayOff.

    (Pic Credit:The GD Studio)

  2. PlayOff
    The remaining four teams played in a BO3 double elimination format until only two teams are left. These top two teams will play in the Final.

    (Pic Credit: The GD Studio)

  3. Final
    The Final was a BO5 match with no advantage for the team coming from the upper bracket.

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