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TI3 East Qualifier Starts
Submitted by dpm on Mon, 20/05/2013 - 03:59

The International 3 East Qualifier just started and will end May 30. Beyond The Summit's reddit post is a great place to check for the updated schedule and spoiler-free results. Check out the PlayDota Coverage Hub for more information on TI3.

Watching Options
TI3 Compendium Available
The Compendium is an in-game item that:
  • Allows you to keep track of your guesses
  • Enables you to vote for who you'd like to see in the Allstar showmatch
  • Gives you an evolving courier (Already with a mount, Goal 2 reached)
  • Gives you a 125% Battle Bonus that lasts until the end of TI3 (Aug 11)
  • Gives you a TI3 HUD
  • Potentially gives more rewards as more goals are reached
  • Increases the TI3 prize pool by USD 2.5 for each purchase

ADreamz, First Departure,, Rattlesnake
BMineski, MiTH.Trust, Rising Stars, Vici Gaming
  1. Group Stage
    There will be two groups of four teams each playing in a BO3 double elimination format with the top two teams advancing to the PlayOff.

    (Pic Credit:The GD Studio)

  2. PlayOff
    The remaining four teams will play in a BO3 double elimination format until only two teams are left. These top two teams will play in the Final.

    (Pic Credit: The GD Studio)

  3. Final
    The Final will be a BO5 match with no advantage for the team coming from the upper bracket.

Schedule (Click here for clearer table)
Group A: First Departure vs RattlesnakeMay 200000030009001500
Group A: vs Dreamz May 200300060012001800
Group A winners' matchMay 200600090015002100
Group A, losers' match and final match(2xBO3)May 190300060012000600
Group B: MiTH.Trust vs Rising Stars May 210000030009001500
Group B: Mineski vs Vici GamingMay 210300060012001800
Group B winners' matchMay 210600090015002100
Group B, losers' matches and final match(2xBO3)May 220300060012001800
PlayOff (3 x BO3)May 280000030009001500
PlayOff (2 x BO3)May 290300060012001800
Grand Final (BO5)May 300300060012001800
Beyond The Summit reddit

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