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TI3 Qualifiers and Schedule
Submitted by dpm on Thu, 25/04/2013 - 04:36

The International 3 dates and slot allocation have been announced.

Event Dates Host
West Qualifier (Online) May 13 - 26 The GD Studio
East Qualifier (Online) May 20 - 26 Beyond The Summit
Main Event (Seattle) August 7 - 11 Valve

Slot Allocation (Total = 16)
  • 13 invited teams (iG already invited)
  • 1st place winner of the East Qualifier
  • 1st place winner of the West Qualifier
  • Winner of the Wild Card Slot (Played in Seattle between the 2nd placed winners of the qualifiers)
Watching Options
TI3 games are free to watch in-game and will be available on multiple streams. Anyone is free to stream the game and JoinDota has announced that they will cover the qualifiers.

Quick Quotes
dpm caught casters Bruno and LD for a glimpse at their thoughts.

Do you think Asian teams will dominate TI3 like they did in TI2?
Bruno: I think that the big decider on to how teams approach TI will be the boot-camping period one month prior to the event. The Asian teams have the advantage of being very good at preparing themselves that way, while western teams are still experimenting in general with proper boot camps. If they can succeed at this preparation stage they can take on the Asian teams evenly.

How does it feel to be hosting the East Qualifier and what should we expect?
LD: Beyond the Summit started as a grassroots casting organization just one year ago. We hosted last year's East Qualifiers in collaboration with GosuGamers, and we're delighted and honored to announce that we'll be hosting this year's East Qualifiers as well. Our team will be working tirelessly to prepare our brand-new studio leading up to the event to give you the amazing coverage that you deserve.

We've got quite a few tricks up our sleeve, as well as a bevy of shiny new toys in our arsenal. Prepare for some magic and amazing games, and set your expectations high, because we plan to shatter them!
Official The International Website
JoinDota Announcement

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