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TI3 West Qualifier Groups and Schedule
Submitted by dpm on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 07:29

The groups and format for The International 3 West Qualifier is out.

AAbsolute Legends, DD.Dota, Empire, RoX.KIS
BEvil Geniuses, iCCup, Mousesports, QPAD Red Pandas
  1. Group Stage
    There will be two groups of four teams each playing in a BO3 double elimination format with the top two teams advancing to the PlayOff.

    (Pic Credit:The GD Studio)

  2. PlayOff
    The remaining four teams will play in a BO3 double elimination format until only two teams are left. These top two teams will play in the Final.

    (Pic Credit: The GD Studio)

  3. Final
    The Final will be a BO5 match with no advantage for the team coming from the upper bracket.

Easier to read schedule here.
Group A: aL vs RoX.KISMay 13 0430073013301930
Group A: DD.Dota vs EmpireMay 130730103016302230
Group A winners' matchMay 13103013301930May 14 0130
Group A, losers' match and final match(2xBO3)May 140800110017002300
Group B: Mousesports vs iCCupMay 150500080014002000
Group B: Evil Geniuses vs QPAD Red PandasMay 150800110017002300
Group B winners' matchMay 15110014002000May 14 0200
Group B, losers' matches and final match(2xBO3)May 160800110017002300
PlayOff, initial matches and winners' matches (3xBO3)May 170300060014001800
PlayOff, losers' matches and final match (2xBO3)May 180800110017002300
Grand Final (BO5)May 190800110017002300
Watching Options
The official stream will be hosted by The GD Studio and matches will be available in-game for free.

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