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TLT wins Dreamhack Summer 09
Submitted by Sabian on Sun, 14/06/2009 - 01:42


Tonight at 10:30 pm CET (4:40 pm EST), the finals of the Dreamhack Dota tournament will be played live, on LAN, in the Dreamhack Arena. The venue accomodates 1100 seats and it seems that this won't be enough as the audience massively showed up for the final opposing the team TLT created by Loda to the famous Danish powerhouse Roskilde Ravens. The final will be played in a "best-of-three" format with team TLT leading 1-0 as they already defeated Ravens in the winner bracket finals.

Here are the teams line-up:



Roskilde Ravens - 1
- AngelOfGoD
- Maelk
- MaNia-
- miGGel
- PusHer-StrEet

The Last Try- 2
- Loda
- Misery
- Twistd
- Miracle
- kWoM

- Download Game 1 (from gosugamers)
- Download Game 2 (from gosugamers)


Congratulations to the team "The Last Try" for winning the Dreamhack Summer 2009



In the Winner Bracket, TLT defeated Ravens 1 to 0 in a short but convincing game from the Swedes meanwhile 4Kings and Team Forget were battling out in the Loser Bracket. Replays and brackets can be found in the Competitive Dota Forum here on playdota.

To watch the games live, turn on the video stream provided below or you Garena client by using the following links.


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Dreamhack Finals Stream 1
Dreamhack Finals Stream 2

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