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WCG AC09 Groupings & Qualifiers
Submitted by dpm on Tue, 23/06/2009 - 08:41


Despite the WCG Asian Championship 2009 being held a month earlier than usual, most countries were able to hold national qualifiers. China and Japan held invitational tournaments. The Philippines will send their 2007 team and Vietnam will be sending their previous champion. Chinese Taipei has always sent a selected team. WCG India has made no official announcement about a qualifier or team. All eyes are on the upcoming Australia, Malaysia and Singapore Qualifiers.

PlayDotA will provide coverage on the remaining qualifiers. Replays might be made available by the respective organisers.

Group A

  • India
  • New Zealand (eblacks)
  • Singapore
  • South Korea (TOFU)

Group B

  • Bangladesh (XLU/SP)
  • Malaysia
  • Sri Lanka (Lions League)
  • Vietnam (Star Boba)

Group C

  • China (cD)
  • Chinese Taipei (ESM)
  • Philippines (Flow)

Group D

  • Australia
  • Indonesia (dMw)
  • Japan

Tournament Information

1st: SGD 5,000 (USD 3,400)
2nd: SGD 4,000 (USD 2,700)
3rd: SGD 2,000 (USD 1,350)

Suntec Singapore International
Convention and Exhibition Centre

Schedule & Format
July 4: Group Stage (Four groups)
July 5: Single Elimination Stage
(Top 2 teams from each group)





Australia Qualifier (27-28 June)
On 18 June, WCG Australia announced that all national qualifiers would be postponed. Yesterday, GotGames saved the DotA qualifier. With no maximum team capacity, the format will be decided later.

Malaysia Qualifier (27 June)

Although 76 teams joined the Asia DotA Championship, only nine teams have registered for one of the 20 slots available. Teams will be divided into four groups, with the best of each advancing into the league stage. In the league stage, each team will play two games against each other. If the top two teams are tied, the winner of their direct match will be the champion. If it was a draw, a final BO3 will determine the winner.

The currently registered teams are 8mski.Tbun, Cybertime, Fishnet-MU, Fn’Jr, HXG, InC excello, Kingsurf Malaysia, Sino and sayour. There have been changes in team rosters., third place winner in last year's WCG Asian Championship, has recently added Ks-Chuan. With Chuan and Monk3y recently leaving 8Mski.Tbun, all are wondering how quickly the new roster can create their own style and strategies.

Singapore Qualifier (3 July)
The top six teams from the WCG Funan League (GWSG|Axis.RSC, Team Little, xEquality, Team AltarEgo, BlueFeather and fAzeTheMusic.CGC) and the top two teams from the WCG SAFRA Champion's League (Eternity.XTC and will be competing for the right to represent Singapore. The winner will be determined by single elimination matches.

Impreza, last year's champion, disbanded with two members joining also has two members from the 2007 champion, Zentih, and one former Eternity.XTC player. Eternity.XTC defeated in the WCG SAFRA Champion's League, however, were defeated by Storia D'amore.GWSG (the combined forces of and GWSG|Axis.RSC) in the 8888 Play-off.


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Additional Sources: dMw, ESM, TOFU.KR, Star Boba

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