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WCG09 SG: XTC Wins
Submitted by dpm on Fri, 03/07/2009 - 12:02


Eternity.XTC will represent Singapore at the WCG Asian Championship. They had an extremely close match with GWSG|Axis.RSC and were one hit away from losing the game. Both the World Tree and Frozen Throne were being attacked at the end. Eternity.XTC's frozen throne was about to lose its last 100hp until their Crystal Maiden froze Shadow Fiend, giving the other members fractions of a second to win the game. Unfortunately, the replays are currently unavailable.


Photo Credit: Jason Ho

Top Row:
Michael Phee, Lionel Lee (Hammy), Don Soh(gGg), Wong Jeng Yih (NutZ),Sylbestian Ang (R4deec), Reuben Wong (UltimaX), Goh Wei Xuan (SmiLe)
Btm Row:
Jason Ho (tuna.). Cassandra Chan (cass), Toh Wai Hong (xy-), Justin(Musica), Mervin Seetoh Chuan Song (toh)


PlayDotA was able to get some statements from Eternity.XTC.


Hammy, Manager

"I think this is a culmulation of all the hard work put in by my players to date. Not only do they deserve it, they earned it. We are very proud of this achievement and hope to represent Singapore to the best of our abilities. Oh, and thanks, DPM, for being so awesome!"


gGg- (Don)

"It was a very, very close game and we are happy to be Singapore champions. We hope to be able to do SG proud."


Results Prizes
GWSG|Axis.RSC 0:1 Eternity.XTC


GWSG|Axis.RSC 1:0
Team Little 0:1 Eternity.XTC


GWSG|Axis.RSC 1:0 Blue Feather
xEquality 0:1
Team Little 1:0 Team AltarEgo
fAzeTheMusic 0:1 Eternity.XTC

  • SGD 800 (US 550)
  • Samsung Preston Mobile Phone x5
  • SGD 600 (USD 410)
  • Samsung 2233SW+ Monitor x5
  • SGD 400 (USD 225)
  • Samsung Q2 MP3 Player (4GB) x5



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Main Source: Hammy, Eternity.XTC Manager


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